Are you mr. Fulmer or mr. Flores?

Hey you smart people (like Joseph) do you have MR. FULMER and MR. FLOEES? FIND OUT which one you are by taking this test.This test is 100% acurate.You might even have a new favorate honnors teacher by the time u finish this test. =Ã

After you take this test you can brag to your friends if your a mr.FULMER OR mr.FLORES .Again this test is 100% acurate and it tells you which teacher you are .=Ã

Created by: joseph

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like the Seminoles?
  2. Would you prefer doing math all day or science?
  3. Do you like to do experiments?
  4. Are you super skinny?
  5. Do you prefer ____________
  6. I like _______
  7. I would like to teach in a _______
  8. Do you like the "THUNDER CATS"?
  9. Do you like big 25's?
  10. Do you like Group desks or Individual desks?

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Quiz topic: Am I mr. Fulmer or mr. Flores?