are you most like a tribe or a Pantalan scavenger

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Here is an, easy quiz that will let you know which Pantalan thing you are most like, for instance are more like a Leafwing, Silkwing, Hivewing, or are you more like Mole the scavenger or Raven the scavenger?

I hope you enjoy this fun quiz as much as I enjoyed making it. Please don't forget to rate it, I am interested in seeing what you thought of it. Oh and I hope you don't mind that I couldn't find proper images of Mole and Raven.

Created by: Wolf lady

  1. Would you prefer to be an omnivore herbivore or carnivore?
  2. would you rather be any color and stay that way, be green and brown, be black, red, and yellow, or be the way you are now?
  3. would you rather have, Bee wings, a Butterfly's wings, wings shaped like leaves, or no wings at all?
  4. how afraid of dragons are you?
  5. How do you feel about dragons?
  6. are you...
  7. are you...
  8. are you...
  9. do you prefer to...
  10. would you rather have...

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Quiz topic: Am I most like a tribe or a Pantalan scavenger