Are you more masculine or feminine?

I know that this test is very obvious and the questions may also seem sexist, but it's just for fun. This test will attempt to determine whether you are more masculine or feminine.

This test does not necessarily try to predict whether you are a biological female or male. It's mainly concerned with personality traits, so don't take offense if you got a result that is not your sex.

Created by: Harmony
  1. I am more emotional than rational
  2. My dream job is a job that involves lots of hard work and dedication
  3. I would like my partner to be wealthier than me
  4. Most of my friendships are with people of the same sex
  5. Politics is a very interesting subject
  6. I often ask my friends for emotional support
  7. Trying new things almost always brings me joy
  8. If I was to make a piece of art, it would most likely be about myself
  9. People who play sports professionally are overpaid
  10. Affirmative action is a force for good

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Quiz topic: Am I more masculine or feminine?