Are you a stereotypical male?

There are people who are just sexist, overly sporty, rude, hit on girls they never even met before, these people are the male stereotypes. This is the are you a stereotypical male test.

Are you a stereotype? Do you want to test someone else to see how stereotypical they are? Well then you have come to the right quiz! This quiz contains the most stereotypical things men do.

Created by: Hexdragoon

  1. Do you sag?
  2. Do you wear baseball caps backwards/sideways?
  3. Do you care about your looks?
  4. Which do you care about more in a partner?
  5. Would you cheat on your partner with someone who looks better?
  6. Do you say you have a big penis?
  7. How much do you just want sex in a relationship?
  8. Do you flirt with random people?
  9. Are you a jock?
  10. Are you an a--hole?
  11. Are you sexist?

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Quiz topic: Am I a stereotypical male?