Are You More Like Anna Or Elsa quiz

This quiz will determine if you are more like The Beloved Queen Elsa of Arendelle, or The Beautiful Princess Anna of Arendelle. Queen Elsa is Smart, but quite. Princess Anna is Funny and sweet, hey, maybe you are too!

Hello, Everyone. Welcome to the quiz: ARE YOU MORE LIKE ANNA OR ELSA QUIZ. I've put a lot of effort in to it.I hope that you will be interested in this quiz, and if any of you take this quiz, I hope you enjoy it.

Created by: GSFR

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  1. Do you practice you're royal duties, or meet new people?
  2. Do you prefer the color pink or blue more?
  3. If a complete stranger asked you to marry him [Right after you singed and danced] what would you say?
  4. Do you prefer the bee gees music, or the weekend's music? [this doesn't effect you're score.]
  5. Would you go into the mountains with a ruff gruff don't know?
  6. Do you prefer you're hair in braids, or a braid?
  7. Do you prefer long flowing dresses, or skirts and shirts?
  8. Do you prefer boots, or high heels?
  9. Would you rather be hot or cold?
  10. Last but not least, do you wear crowns or not?

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