Are you Love??????

alot of people know love and some people relly cant tell. if you want to find out if your romantic, selfish, a lover or ever a friend just take this quiz! TAKE IT! lol well ENJOY!

so what are you? are YOU a romantic person? a selfish person? a friend? or a love? you want to find out eh? well take the quiz. if you liek the quiz you might want to go back and comment it. i really want to see your guys idea so plz comment. if you want to knwo your awnser then take this QUIZ! =)

Created by: LM12

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when ur partner says "I Love you" what do you awnser
  2. what do you call a perfect date?
  3. Where would you like ur first kiss be?
  4. what do you give ur love one?
  5. First quizz is it good?
  6. Rate it? Comment it?
  7. lol not last question yet what would you say to your partner if they want this so badly?
  8. lol last question if your partner feels sad what do you do to cheer her up?
  9. JOKING 2 more! lool Do you love them?
  10. was this long? xP

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Quiz topic: Am I Love??????