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This is a short easy quiz to see are you like me are you not and its like really random questions cause Im a really random person so dont judge me peeps and hey your doing this quiz for a reason probably so you dont get bored and you can give me credit for not being bored

So respect me because I made a lot of quizzes and if I take them off you may be bored forever ooooohhhhh and anyway hope you enjoy doing it as much as I enjoyed making it

Created by: Mira
  1. Whats your favourite food
  2. Whats your favourite animal
  3. How many people like you
  4. What color is your hair
  5. What color are your eyes
  6. What style do you wear
  7. Are you smart
  8. Do you have a crush
  9. Do you know me
  10. Did you like the qui

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Quiz topic: Am I like me