Are YOU like me?

Many people are the same in different ways. How they speak, how they dress, or how they look. If you think that you have a twin in this world, take the quiz.

Are YOU like me? Like I said, many people are the same, are you one of them. Well you could be. By taking this quiz, I will ask you around 20 questions about your everyday life. So, are YOU like me?

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. Choose one:
  2. Choose one
  3. First Letter of Your Name?
  4. Choose one:
  5. How to make love?
  6. Team Name?
  7. In number 6, what sport were you playing?
  8. Age? (again)
  9. Pie? (Major Points!)
  10. How do you feel about Mario
  11. Halo?
  12. Siblings?
  13. How many boys do you have in your family
  14. What about sisters?
  15. True or False, you don't eat your toenails:
  16. How do you feel about rhubarb?
  17. Weight?
  18. Grade?
  19. Drama Level
  20. Nyan Cat?
  21. Subject?
  22. Spelling?
  23. Is school important?
  24. Which is most important to you?

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?