Are you like Homer Simpson

There are many people in the world but only a few people are like Homer Simpson. Are you like him? Find out by taking this quiz. Maybe you know a few facts already.

By taking this quiz you will know how much you are like Homer Simpson. There are 10 questions with only 1 correct answer. Good luck and enjoy!

Created by: MuRDeRer

  1. Pick One
  2. Favourite beverage
  3. What word most describes your weight
  4. Favourite colour trousers
  5. You strangle:
  6. What letter does your name start with
  7. Who do you hate in the Simpsons
  8. Do you think you are like Homer Simpson?
  9. What do you do in your spare time
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I like Homer Simpson