are you kisame or are you itachi

Are you the strongest man in the uchiha clan or are you the shark skinned akatsuki member take the quiz and we'll find if you are itach uchiha or kisame hoshikagi

Uchiha Itachi , Hoshikagi Kisame which one of this great akatsuki members are you will you get the sharingan eyed uchiha or the shark skinned hoshikagi

Created by: naruto

  1. What are your missions in life
  2. Kakashi finds you and looks at you with the sharingan and yells at you he says fight me
  3. What happened to your best friend
  4. Who was your first kiss
  5. Every every villian except for kisame and itachi are in your way but you are fighting for something prescious
  6. Which is your favourite genjutsu move
  7. What would do if you got itachi
  8. I hate the 12 question do you
  9. This question doesn't affect your score what color is your hair
  10. Last question one word sasuke

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Quiz topic: Am I kisame or am I itachi