Are you just plain ignorant?

Are you ignorant? Do you not know the difference between a Mammal and a Reptile? Are you stuck inside a box which only holds the least drop of information? Well take this quiz to see how ignorant it proves you! Remember this isn't a 100% accurate.

Generally dumb, ignorant, naive, smart, balanced, stupid, educated.... What do people mostly say about you? Do you believe what they say about you? Is it true what they say about you? Every day is just another challenge to how smart you are...

Created by: Batia
  1. Do you tend to make stuff up when debating a topic?
  2. When you hear the word Vegetarian you think:
  3. You base your oppinions on...
  4. People often ______ your opinions
  5. Someone offers you a cigarette, you:
  6. Chickens:
  7. When I say the word World War One you think:
  8. Nobody can ever beat you...
  9. You receive quite a bit of money from an old relative, you:
  10. You leave the tap running by accident when you leave home, you return an hour later to find this and think:
  11. You are thinking right now _______ about this quiz...

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Quiz topic: Am I just plain ignorant?