Are you in denial?

Take it!! Take it, take it! And please o please rate it! Then I will love you like a lovesong! Well, TAKE IT NOW CUZ TYPING TAKES FOREVER! So true. Ha ha.

Are you in denial? The world may never know. Well, if you take this quiz they will. So take the quiz!!! I beg of you!!! Bye dudes and dudettes. Type. Type. TYPE.

Created by: raro

  1. yes or no?
  2. true or false?
  3. crush or no crush?
  4. I do or i don't?
  5. sprinkles or rainbows?
  6. You are like, halfway through this quiz. What do you think?
  7. BANANA?
  9. 4 more questions!
  10. uhhhh........
  11. ✓ or ✕?
  12. star wars

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Quiz topic: Am I in denial?