Are you horse nuts ?

Are you horse nuts ? Why yes I am . I created this quiz because I want others to know what it takes to truly love your horse and I hope I can help you love your horse the way I do .

Do you have whatit takes to be horse nuts ? Well take this quiz to find out your results and do you have what it takes to be horse mad or are just lazy and dont really give . Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Hebe Chetwode

  1. How do you use your whip ?
  2. How often do you ride ?
  3. How often do you groom your horse?
  4. If you are out on a ride and you see a log do you :
  5. Do you do pony club ?
  6. What does sj stand for ?
  7. What does sj stand for ?
  8. How often do you muck out ?
  9. When you bring him/her in Does your horse :
  10. Would you ever think of a horsey career?

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Quiz topic: Am I horse nuts ?