Are You Hopelessly In Love With a Terrible Ghoul?

Created for aggybird's story containing the best terrible ghoul ever and his cute darling lover. Based off a joke inside the drabble, and is for the fans of this story. Any other people might get it into their heads to be offended.

Are you in love with a terrible person? Is this terrible person a ghoul? Find the answer here! Or don't! It might be too shocking! So if you are in danger of dying please remember to leave a few lei's around so that a passing gypsy may rejuvinate you.

Created by: Katti
  1. Do you find yourself watching funeral processions in hopes of seeing the corpse?
  2. What do you think about zombies?
  3. Does your heart beat faster when your ghoul is around?
  4. When thinking of your ghoul does he vex you?
  5. Do you go to geek conventions just to see some pale gray skin?
  6. What's your ghoul's personality like?
  7. Does your ghoul do nice things for you for your benifit only?
  8. Do you find yourself buying more candy for when he comes around?
  9. Do you find yourself jealous of the people he's eating?
  10. Do you rent b-horror movies to sigh at the better put together zombies?

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Quiz topic: Am I Hopelessly In Love With a Terrible Ghoul?