are you homosexual?

many people are called gay, or lesbian, and are left wondering if they really are. this quiz will tell you if you are gay, bi-sexual, or bi-curious. it does not include being straight, a minor glitch.

are you a flamboyant man? a girl who cuts her hair short and gets made fun of? if you want help knowing if your gay, the take this quiz! it will tell you wether you ar gay, lesbian, Bi, Bi-curious, but it wont say your straight...... other thatn that it's a good quiz.

Created by: rachel

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you feel a lust for the same sex?
  2. have you ever slept with the same sex?
  3. have you ever thought about sleeping with the same sex?
  4. have you ever had a threesome with another person of the same sex?
  5. do you get off on watching p--- with the same sex only?
  6. have you dated the same sex before?
  7. have you dated the same sex before?
  8. do you like acting?
  9. have you ever walked in on your parents?
  10. are penises ugly?
  11. are penises ugly?
  12. are vagina's ugly?
  13. are vagina's ugly?

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Quiz topic: Am I homosexual?