Are you good or evil... or in-between?

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So... Have you ever wondered if you would be on the good or bad side if you were in a book? Well, I have. I added an in-between because there is always and in-between... in most things anyway.

If you get Evil, please, PLEASE, remember that anything evil can turn its way and become good and right. It's not who you are, but who you should be that matters in situations like this...

Created by: A.A.K

  1. Do you ever bully?
  2. Do you enjoy drama/ gossip?
  3. Do you ever find yourself being tempted/ side-tracked or do you automatically know what to do?
  4. Which word would your friends probably describe you as?
  5. Pick a word to describe yourself as...
  6. Do you think that you have a certain superiority over your piers?
  7. Answer honestly; Do you feel like you would be good, evil, or somewhere in-between?
  8. Are you kind and helpful toward your siblings? (If you don't have siblings; your parents.)
  9. What grades do you usually get in school? (This question doesn't count as much, because I understand if you have a learning disability)
  10. Do you love... well... love?

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Quiz topic: Am I good or evil... or in-between?