Are You Good or Evil?

Yeah this is one of those classic 'Are You Good or Evil' quizzes. So what will you get? I'm on evils' side btw... And my friends.... So beware.... I'm gonna get you... No just kidding.

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. What's your favorite color out of these?
  2. What's your hobby?
  3. You see someone getting kidnapped. The kidnappers are really cute but they're kidnapping someone! Would you help the guys you're crushing on do the kidnap or help the victim?
  4. Your teacher asks you all, "What are good reasons based on your lives that Bombardier Beetles are okay?" *me- Bombardier Beetles are insects that shoot out very hot bursts of gasses to scare away predators.*
  5. Have you ever read Eragon?*me-if you didn't, just click skip. This won't affect your result.* If so, whose side would you be on?
  6. Have you ever read The Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix? If so, who is your favorite character?
  7. What's your favorite electronic device?
  8. *me- if you took my what type of vampire quiz then you might know this.* Would you be a Dark Vampire, who is quiet, ancient, skilled and cunning, an Outgoing Vampire, who is loud, new, hyper, and not smart, or an In Between Vampire, who balances between the two others?
  9. Smiley!
  10. This is probably one of the worst quizzes I've made so far... But please, no mean comments! I really want suggestive and complimenting ones! PLZ?!?!

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Quiz topic: Am I Good or Evil?