Are You Good Around Kids

Do kids ever kick, scream, cry, fight, and all that other stuff with you and do you know how to take care of it well take this quiz to see if know for sure and if your ready to go out there and be in the kid world!!!!

There are many people out thre who think they know what it take to be with a kid and to take care of them but do you really know, well lets find out, this quiz isn't as boring as it sounds,Really.

Created by: Do Kids Like You of Soul Surfer Boards
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would You Prefere A Boy Of A Girl
  2. Have You Ever Babysat Before.
  3. What Did You Do When You BabySat.If You didn't Babysit,What Would You Do.
  4. How Many Kids Would You Like To Have Or Babysit
  5. Have You Ever Hit A Kid
  6. What A Punisment For A Kid
  7. Do You Have Patient's
  8. Do You Know First Aid
  9. When You A Have A Kid,Do You Do All The Safty Requirments
  10. Do You Yell At Kids

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Quiz topic: Am I Good Around Kids