Are you good academically?

This quiz will help you determine whether you should be in the top classes or near the bottom. The main subjects tested are maths and science. Correct answers will award points, but incorrect answers could deduct points.

Try your best, and answer the last few questions as honestly as possible. Your effort should show some correlation with your grades, and do this test without looking at your notes. Good luck.

Created by: Stephen the noob

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  1. Factorise x^2-1
  2. An atom bomb is dropped on Stephen from a height of 10km, and accelerates at 9.8 metres per second^2, to a terminal velocity of 352.8km/h. Assuming the bomb explodes when it hits the ground, how long does Stephen have to live, to the nearest second?
  3. There are 20000 teams in a knockout tournament. How many matches are needed?
  4. Acceleration is best defined as:
  5. The chemical symbol for hydrogen is?
  6. What is the famous equation devised by Einstein?
  7. Absolute zero is:
  8. Where are you ranked in the school?
  9. What have your grades been like overall? If you don't know, add up all your marks as a percentage and divide by the number of subjects you take.
  10. What are your effort grades on your report like? Exclude anything non academic such as PE or art. (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Am I good academically?