Are You Gay, Straight, or Bi ?

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This test or quiz if you know what you are be proud of your self dont let no one change you for being different because to me your awesome cx and have the courage to do something you love Well as myself… I am not going to say because im awesome like that xD but if you want to know what you are come check its 100000% accurate I think lol but if your bored come check it out xD

BE my friend and lets have a carrot baby with a dog named courage and we live in the middle of nowhere ;( ok MKAY????!! xD.

Created by: EmmetteSmith
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Like Guys ?
  2. When someone ask you about gay ,lesbian marriage whats your thought ?
  3. Do You Like Girls ?
  4. How do you deal with people that aren't accepting of your lifestyle?
  5. When you look at a person you tend to stare at ?( be honest -_-)
  6. When your in the car your singing along to?
  7. What colors do you tend to wear ?
  8. Did You Ever Think About Dating Outside Your Gender ?
  9. Do you want to be loved by a man or a woman or both?
  10. Do You Think God Dislike people for making those choices ?
  12. When people stare at you do they look really hard with a bit of dissapointment ?
  14. Do you accept your self ?
  15. Now tell me , what do you think you are ? (Not effected)

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Quiz topic: Am I Gay, Straight, or Bi ?