Are you fat ULTIMATE QUIZ!!!

Hi! This will determine if your fat or not! Don't waste money on a dumb scale that isn't 100% accurate! This is free and 100% accurate. All you have to do is answer these 10 simple questions.

These questions may sound weird or strange or funny.. But it's temporary. When you get the results please read everything. Thank you a lot you are very nice for wasting years reading this.

Created by: GeorgiasJungle

  1. How many meals do you eat a day?
  2. How much did you weigh in pounds last year?
  3. Do your friends and family complain about your weight?
  4. Moving on: Your friend invited you to her birthday. You accept and on the table is so much food! What do you do?
  5. Your friend has invited you to the beach but you must wear a bikini you...
  6. Now onto more important questions. If you woke up with a huge belly you would...
  7. If you had 3 wishes but you had to gain 10 pounds for each wish you would...
  8. How lazy are you on a daily basis?
  9. Do you think you're fat?
  10. Did you like this auiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat ULTIMATE QUIZ!!!