Are you fat quiz

Created by: George

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  1. Stand up and look down, what do you see?
  2. When you bend over how many fat rolls do you have?
  3. How far does your stomach hang over your pants?
  4. Sit down. What happened?
  5. How much do you eat
  6. You were hungry and ate more than you should have. You have a strong urge to unbutton your pants what do you do
  7. You try to put on your favorite pants. They get stuck on your bum. You finally get them to your hips. And the button pops of what goes through your head?
  8. Can you wear a bikini?
  9. How many pound do you weigh
  10. Jump up and down Do you jiggle?
  11. You got wet and need to change, Your friend gave you her small pants, how to they fit?

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