Are you fat or skinny?

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i want to know how much people are overweight, im overweight too and im sad because of it and making this quiz made me happier. I want to help some people what to do if they want to gain or lose some pounds

how healthy is the world because in last years a lot of people are getting fatter overweight or obese. people must to stop eating junk food if they want to be healthy

Created by: Fatboy

  1. what's your gender?
  2. what's your age?
  3. are you fat?
  4. is your belly button deep?
  5. does your belly jiggle when you're walking?
  6. how many fat rolls do you have while sitting?
  7. do you like eating?
  8. do people call you fat?
  9. do you play with your belly fat?
  10. how much belly fat can you grab?
  11. what do other people think about you?
  12. does your belly hang out?
  13. do you have muffin top?
  14. do you have moobs?
  15. shake your arms, do they jiggle?
  16. what can you fit in your belly button?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat or skinny?

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