Are you fat???????

It is random i hate having to writew so much grrr this sucks how was your day....right....anyways this is sooo boring and dull but oh well i have to deal with it...have fun i geuss...

and cool great just great funny awsome whatever comes to my crazy head is the random things i shall write yes i know bunny person with a fishy and cheese oh yes of course ive totally lost it weee!!!

Created by: hi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. DO you weigh more than 140lbs
  2. do you eat 4 or more meals a day?
  3. how many fat rolls do you have when you sit down?
  4. Are you teased because you are fat
  5. Is it hard to excersise?
  6. do you love junk food and do u eat a lot of it.
  7. Are diets evil?
  8. Stand up and look straight down. can you see your feet?
  9. When you sit in a chair have you ever broken it?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat???????