Are you evil, good, or neutral?

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See what you are from the point of view of my mind. Not really, I just get a buzz from people that yells if people are good, neutral, or evil. Basically that is how I trust people, most people these days are neutral. Hopefully you are either good or evil, neutrals are frustrating and un trustworthy most the time

Are you evil, good, or neutral? This is a quiz so you can test it out. Have fun and follow your ambitions and dreams, I don't recommend following all your dreams though because once I had a dream about running from dying people than having Kim Kardashian and some Latin kid becoming my family then the Latin kid started choking and died and Kim and I had a laughing fit over it.

Created by: Elluthenia of Taste the Music
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  1. Would you rather
  2. Favorite thing to do that involves people
  3. If you could would you go against the law?
  4. If you could, would you murder or rob without being caught?
  5. Do you hate your family?
  6. If you could, would you make your own religion to defy others?
  7. Do you like people?
  8. Do you like animals?
  9. Do you want to hold a weapon of absolute death? (sorry for my working, I'm not that smart but I'm not just talking about a normal weapon)
  10. Do you think another species should take over so humans could be taken down a notch?
  11. Can you check out and leave a message about what your favorite god/myth is? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Am I evil, good, or neutral?