Are You Educated?

There are very few people that can get through this book. But with a little dedication and a mentor - feel free to contact me - you can know this information backward and forward.

"Do you know the book? Do you have the knowledge to be able to confidentally talk about it and explain what things mean in it? Thanks to this quiz, in a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Chuck Evans of Chuck Evans Golf
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  1. How many Imperatives and Essentials are there?
  2. How many definable Plane Angles are there?
  3. What should the sweetspot cover during the stroke?
  4. How many stages are there?
  5. How many clubs are used in the stages?
  6. How many "Zones" are there?
  7. Zone #1 is?
  8. Zone #2 is?
  9. Zone#3 is?
  10. The Three Stations are, Address, Top, and?

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Quiz topic: Am I Educated?