are you depressed?

sometimes you may think your just low. then you cud carry on feelin low until you realise your really depressed and need help. by takin this test you can find out if your on the brink of depression or if your already way down there.

im depressed. im an emo and i know how it feels to be ignored and i get fed up sometimes. i help myself by doin nothin but sleep eat and listen to heavy metal music. if your depressed, get help, im stupid coz i didnt get help, so thats why im makin dis tet to help other people.

Created by: Livvy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how tired are you during the day?
  2. how is your sleeping pattern?
  3. do you often feel irratable?
  4. do you cry more than you used to?
  5. have you ever thought about death/suicide?
  6. do you get restless or fidgety?
  7. have you felt miserable for long?
  8. do you often listen to heavy metal music?
  9. have you lost interest in the hobbies you used to like?
  10. do you hate yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I depressed?