Are you dangerous?

Hello! Today you will be seeing how dangerous you are! By answering, you’ll see what you really are! Youll Mostly be answering questions about murder, Killing and more! There’s only 10 Questions, not that long.

After you finish it, you will see the true you, are you a killer? Maybe not, maybe your just a little angel! Your probably just a cutie if your a angel. uwu

Created by: StarKuchi
  1. Have you ever thought of cutting yourself?
  2. Have you had killer thoughts?
  3. Have you ever done a crime
  4. Have you ever thought of killing random people EVERYDAY?
  5. Have you wanted to die?
  6. Have you wanted to take over the world?
  7. Have you ever licked someone else’s blood?
  8. Do you acutally think your dangerous?
  9. REALLY?
  10. Okay bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I dangerous?