are you cute hot sexy average {ACCURATE}

are you SEXY or CUTE or HOT or average or other... this is a BOYS TEST by the way, an accurate one too so have fun and don't sprain your finger clicking!

Really i am NOT responsible for any injuries caused by this test i want to make this nice and clear just in case a really weak guy takes this or something, this isn't dangerous i just like to be cautious.

Created by: noonecares
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you consider yourself attractive?
  2. what is your intelligence level?
  3. what is your hair colour? {does not lower score but might heighten it}
  4. how happy are you at the moment?
  5. what colour are your eyes?
  6. how big are your muscles?
  7. did you lie in that last one?
  8. which song title describes you the most at a party?
  9. what do you think I {!!!!} would grade you in hotness?
  10. do you hate music [or sunshine or children or peace]?
  11. are you sexist? [most people know the right answer]

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Quiz topic: Am I cute hot sexy average {ACCURATE}