Are you cut out to survive being alone with a murderer?

It took me a REALLy long time to make this quiz, no really I mean it, but enough about that, do you have the skill to make it through one night withought being killed by some creepy old uneducated guy that needs a bath, find out now!

Oh, and uh, I've done other quizzez, two others actually, this is my third, they were: 'Are you cut out to be a detective' and 'Are you cut out to be a leader?' They're not so good, but try 'em out! Oh, yeah, and this quiz is REALLY creepy, or at least I think so, so if you get scared, turn the computer off before it's too late...

Created by: Roetha.
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  1. Your parents have gone out for dinner with the rest of your family,it's just you in the house, even your pets (If you had any) have dissapeard in to the midnight sky, you look out of your bedroom window and see a creepy guy looking at you from his lawn, you look at him for a long time, then, he goes outside his lawn and knocks on your door, from watching him, what do you do?
  2. You summon the bravery to open the door and ask the guy nicely: 'Can I help you?' He just stares, you see something bulging in his pocket, it's probably a knife or a gun, or even a rope to strangle you (AHHHHHHH!) you say to the guy:
  3. The guy's just mumbling things like: 'EEEEEEEEE!' or 'YACK!', he looks like he needs a bath too, he suddenly takes a step forward, you:
  4. The guy's kicking the door open. (AAAAAHHHHHH! Serial killer!) You call the police and tell them what's going on, the guy broke the door down and is heading towards you, you have one sentence to tell the police before the guy gets you, which of these would you choose to tell the police that gives most detail about where you are and the creepy old guy that's just staring at you and probably wants to kill you?!
  5. The line's dead, you said the sentence, (Hope you chose wisely), the guy's about two feet away from you, you're currently in the hallway, you have three directions to run to, if you run to the right, you enter the dining room, if you run to the left, then you're going up the stairs to your room, or some other member of your family's room, if you run behind you, you'll find a door, leading to outside, which do you choose?
  6. OK, the next three questions are about what you would do if you went to any of these three directions, you should know that the answers for this quiz question have no effect on your final score, so choose freely, OK?
  7. Let's pretend you headed to the left, the dining room, you're on one side of the table, and the creepy guy's on the other, now if you were on the side of the table that only had a small gap between it and the wall, what's your plan of action to get the creepy guy in that gap, so then he'll have a difficult time getting out of it and maybe you can make a run for it? (You need to be clever with this one)
  8. You weren't paying attention were you? I said that if you headed RIGHT, then you'll end up in the dining room, but you went LEFT, so that means you actually ran...
  9. If you headed left, then you went upstairs, (Hey! Don't go changing your answers now if you chose the wrong answer, it ain't my fault you're a dumbo!) Anyway, you go upstairs, there are three rooms to go to: Yours, Your parent's room, or your younger sibling's room, now if you were clever, where would you head to now?
  10. Let's say you went outside, there's the shed (which your dad makes the most useless of things!)and the gate, this is SO easy, but think more wisely...
  11. Now You've chosen the options of what you would do if you headed to each of these three places, the police come, (Thank god!) along with your family (or your parents at least, your younger sibling probably wanted you dead anyway to get your room), You tell the police the whole story, they catch the creepy guy (He's in prison now, don't worry) The answer to this last question has no effect on your final score, but what do you think your mum's going to say about this, depending on the kind of personality that she has?

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Quiz topic: Am I cut out to survive being alone with a murderer?