are you crazy or calm?

okay this is my quiz there are many crazy people in this world and this is simply a quiz to figure out wether or not you are one of them it is pretty simple just anser the questions it really is not that hard i should not have to describe this quiz

are you crazy or not or are you way to calm or way to crazy idk but that is why i created this quiz to figure it out and i truly beleive if you are like me we all want to if we r crazy r not if you are crazy accept it i do i embrace it if you r calm you need to get crazy

Created by: ashley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. on an evening alone i would...
  2. when going to partys the first thing i ask is..
  3. would you go sky diving ever?
  4. people say im
  5. your eyes are
  6. your clothes are
  7. do you like this quiz
  8. is this quiz stupid
  9. are you stupid
  10. what do you think you are

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Quiz topic: Am I crazy or calm?