Are you country?

This tells you I you are truly country or not. These questions are tricky. If you are truly country you will understand. Best of luck to you on this quiz.

Tell if your country or not. Prove to your friends your really country. This I not a long quiz. Be truthful and share with your friends. Have fun don't be frustrated.

Created by: Gavyn Wilson

  1. Do you leave out the "g"in somethin and fixin?
  2. Which is more fun?
  3. Whick do you prefer?
  4. How many pets?
  5. Favorite music genre?
  6. Favorite Country Artist
  7. When someone hits you what do you do?
  8. What sports did you play in high school?
  9. Do you hunt/fish?
  10. What is your outfit every day?

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Quiz topic: Am I country?