Are you considered EMO?

Are you being teased about how you are acting, dress, talk or whatever? Test to see if you are emo. My quiz is not real... its just for fun so if your results are extreme dont freak about it.

Are YOU emo? Are you gonna see if you even qualify as emo? Check my quiz out to see if you do.... After only 12 questions you will find out if your emo or not.... thank you for choosing the " Are YOU emo " quiz....

Created by: John Doe
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you ever have thoughts of suicide?
  2. Are you attracted to dark ares? (corners, dark rooms, allys, ect.)
  3. Do you listen to Dashboard Confession, ALkaline Trio, or Hawthorne Heights?
  4. Do you were tight pants?
  5. Do you wear black alot?
  6. Do you cut?
  7. Do you brag about cutting?
  8. Before you sleep you...
  9. In areas with alot of happy people do you feel out of place?
  10. Do you ever wish to just get "away" from it all?

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Quiz topic: Am I considered EMO?