Are You Buddhist

Buddhists around the world think they have grasped the concept of their religion. Although it is not the most complex religion, it can make the common scholar scratch his head. See if you know mare then the common man.

Brainiacs know it all. Do they know alot about Buddhism? See if you do in this quiz! It will only take a few minutes. And if you do finish it, who knows? Maybe you'll want to take a look into it for yourself.

Created by: Ian
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  1. OK, let's start off with a history question. How many Buddhas were there?
  2. Is Buddhism as old as Christianity?
  3. What was the Buddha's real name?
  4. Do you curse often?
  5. Do you believe in reincarnation? (your soul returning in another body)
  6. How did Buddha react when he found out that Jesus was proclaiming about a god in Jerusalem?
  7. The Buddha laid down how many Noble Truths?
  8. Where does the soul abide if it has not yet reached Enlightenment?
  9. Last one. How exactly did the Buddha live?
  10. Just kidding. Ok this is the last one.If I were Buddhist, what would I do if I was offered my friends or family.? (only one.)

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