Are You Box Car Racer or +44

blink-182's side projects have come and gone with critics, but that doesn't mean they don't have their supporting fans! Do you ever wonder which band you would most likely be in?

Would you team up with Tom, Travis, David, and Anthony for Box Car Racer, or would you join forces with Mark, Travis, Shane, and Craig for +44? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Caleb Lake

  1. Who do you like more?
  2. Which of these types of rock do you like more?
  3. Are you normally emo or upbeat?
  4. Do you normally like guest appearances from other musicians in songs?
  5. Which of these sets of song titles most appeal to you?
  6. Do you like blink-182?
  7. Do you like Angels & Airwaves?
  8. Do you believe in the end of the world (literally, not metaphorically)?
  9. Are you in a relationship right now?
  10. Which band do you like more?
  11. Are you listening to Box Car Racer or +44 right now?

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Quiz topic: Am I Box Car Racer or +44