are you bluey are you bingo are you muffin!!!!!

do want to know if you'r bluey are bingo are muffin do like the show i love it i'm 8 and i love it so much and I hope you guys love the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i real love my family so much and i hope you guys love you'rs to and i love my sister and y fends and my mom and my dad and family and i real like to do quiz!!!

Created by: cat girl
  1. have you seen bluey it dos not effect it
  2. who is you'r favorite
  3. whats you'r favorite sandwich
  4. do you like being the queen are the butler
  5. how old are you
  6. what is your favorite color
  7. do you like playing
  8. do you have any sibling
  9. do you like to pick up are to just leave your toys everywhere
  10. how good is the quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I bluey am I bingo am I muffin!!!!!