Are You Blonde?

There are many smart blondes, but also many dumb ones. No offence to any blondes who take this quiz, It is just for fun. Be happy with your results! Have lots of fun! Go down to take the quiz!

Now, you can take the quiz. Hope you have fun! In just a few very short moments, you will know how blonde you are! As I said before, no offence to any blondes!

Created by: cassidy

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  1. Do You Usually Get 60%+ On Quizzes?
  2. What is 48 divided by 6???
  3. What is the capital of Canada?
  4. How do you spell: ee ka la wit?
  5. Ask someone, "How do you rate my personality on ten?" They say:
  6. When a man is looking for a coin, what is the first thing he does when he finds it?
  7. What starts with 4 legs, Then has 2, Then has 3?
  8. How did you rate this quiz on ten?
  9. Do you want to see how you got rated?
  10. Ok go...

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