How blonde are you?

Some people are smart and have great commen sence, and others are just plain blonde. No one ever really knows if they are truly blonde because you don't have to have blonde hair to be a blonde at heart!

Are you blonde? Or are you a person with great smarts and commen sence? You are only a few clicks away from finding out. So get ready to find out and see if you are really a blonde, or smarter!

Created by: Kayla
  1. Quick! WITH OUT looking down, what color is your shirt?
  2. Do you know your phone number by heart?
  3. Have you ever forgoten what a persons face looked like when you were gone for 3 days or more?
  4. Have you ever not notice the obvious and when someone mentioned it you said "what?"
  5. Have you ever said a number and used the wrong amount of fingers? (ex. you say 3 but you hold up 2 fingers)
  6. Has anyone ever called you a blonde?
  7. Has there ever been a time when you are talking and in the middle of speaking, you forgot what you where saying?
  8. Have you ever spelt "and" wrong?
  9. When was the last time you accedently spelt your name wrong?
  10. Do you think you are blonde?

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Quiz topic: How blonde am I?