Are you awesome?

Are you awesome? Being a popular cheerleader or jock does not mean you're awesome. It just means you're dumb. So get your nose out of the clouds. Being normal is not good. Pink is not good.

If you are crazy and random then you are awesome. So be crazy. A little insanity never hurt anyone. Be as crazy, random, and insane as you can be! Make life hilarious whenever possible!

Created by: sktr_grrrl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you think about puddles?
  2. What would you rather do?
  3. Do you like guys with long hair?
  4. What do you consider yourself?
  5. Do you usually go along with the crowd?
  6. Which are better, ninjas or pirates?
  7. Are you a hippie?
  8. Do you give good hugs?
  9. Do you do or say really random things?
  10. Do you like to run around in the woods?

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Quiz topic: Am I awesome?