Are you as lazy as you think?

Lazy people are all around us! Some might be tricks! They might seem like nice, responsible NON lazy people! But the truth is, they are as lazy as you'll get out!

Are YOU lazy?! Take my quiz and you'll find out just how lazy your REALLY are! You might now know how lazy or how un-lazy you just might be! Proceed if you dare!

Created by: kcdmovie
  1. When you drop your pencil on the ground do you?
  2. If you are going to shower and your sock or underwear doesn't make it into the laundry basket do you:
  3. When you don't understand your homework do you:
  4. When you are asked to do a chore like cleaning your room or doing the dishes do you:
  5. When on the computer and you want to type something do you:
  6. When taking a picture do you:
  7. Hearing a good song on and wanting to sing but instead you:
  8. Someone asked you a question and you know your supposed to answer but instead you:
  9. Your teacher asks a question in class that you know you:
  10. You took this quiz because you thought you were lazy and most likely you are lazy because everyone is a little lazy.

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Quiz topic: Am I as lazy as you think?