Are you are girly girl or a tomboy?

Lots of people say their a tomboy or girly girl, but this quiz shows you the truth. I don't really care if you like comment or rate. I hope you like this quiz!

What do you think you are? If you don't know, this quiz might help you figure it out. What if you get the wrong result? Well, always remember there's a chance that quizes are inaccurate, so don't worry about it.

Created by: BizonBossEpicWolf21

  1. First question: Do you like makeup?
  2. Your classic outfit?
  3. Your favorite emoji?
  4. Favorite roblox game?
  5. Do ya like dirt or snow?
  6. Choose a face
  7. What would you say if I ran out of questions?
  8. Are you popular snotty or cool and kind?
  9. Bossness or Popularity?
  10. Done!

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Quiz topic: Am I are girly girl or a tomboy?