Are you and him the perfect match? GIRLZ ONLY!

Is your relathioonship healthy? Try this quiz to see the real restults! Hit meh with your best shot! Good luck, not many people stand their man.....but try your ebst any way beacause even my parents have some relashionship problems but got way better! Tighter than ever

But anyway! THink about the positives and be hosent in your answers! THis is kinda important t think about your realshionship before paying bills! Its not easy to decide who he is! You'll never no the results until ya try sammi samma jammas quiz. DORKY NAME RIGHT?

Created by: sammi. slamma jamaa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you both often fight?
  2. Has he taken you out to dinner a few times?
  3. Does he spend alot of money on you? For shopping?
  4. Is he spending time with you?
  5. Choose a Describing word for him
  6. What do you see in him?
  7. If you had problems with your relashionship, would you go through tharapy?
  8. So, hows the relashion ship again?
  9. Are you the perfect match? Do you think so?
  10. last question! Are you ever arfaid he is cheating?

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Quiz topic: Am I and him the perfect match? GIRLZ ONLY!