are you an assface?

First of all we are bored as hell! we thought since most of these quizzes are so serious and what not.. we could spice things up so click here to find out if u are really an ass face or not.

Are you an ass face? Do you not know? do u want to find out? well its youre lucky ass day cuz i got the answer. big mommas always got the answer!.....

Created by: bugg98
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you sit on your ass all day?
  2. Whats ur favorite color?
  3. Are you really over 25 and on this website right now??
  4. Are you liking my questions? Do you think im a Dick yet?
  5. what do u do in ur free time?
  6. When do u usually take a crap?
  7. Do u have kids?
  8. Have you seen Norbit?
  9. Do you smell ur own farts?
  10. Did u answer yes to the last question?

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Quiz topic: Am I an assface?