Are you an artist?

Hello!!! I am Niko(not my real name)! This is my very first quiz and I'm hoping you enjoy this. Please comment on it to tell me how to make my quizzes better in the future. (if I make quizzes int he future). Anyways, ENJOY!

This quiz is just for fun, you never know maybe you will be the best artist in the 21st century. I just made this specific quiz cuz ME LOVE ART and i wanna see who else loves art like me. Anyways, ENJOY! (sorry about the spelling mistakes in this quiz)

Created by: Niko

  1. Are you creative? Do you have a good visual imagination?
  2. Do you like using a pencil in anyway?
  3. Do you like working? ex. buying art supplies or drawing a masterpiece.
  4. On a scale of 1-5 how much do you draw, paint, sketch, etc?
  5. Pop quiz: Which artist painted with dashes? (don't search on google! i trust u, whoever u r) this won't affect your score unless you got it right.
  6. Pop quiz 2: Who painted Mona lisa? no cheating, won't affect score unless it is right.
  7. Pop quiz 3: Who painted with dots? Don't cheat plz. It won't affect your score unless you chose right.
  8. I hope this wasn't too boring and that you enjoyed. I did pop quizzes cuz I was out of ideas, lolz. This won't affect your score, but did you enjoy?
  9. Do you think that you got ALL the pop quiz questions right WITHOUT searching google? won't affect score.
  10. What do you think you got? (these are the possible results 'cept the last one) this will not affect your score.

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Quiz topic: Am I an artist?