Are you an anti Semite?

Anti Semitism has historically been common. According to some, it is on the rise again. The goal of this quiz is to see if people are anti Semitic, in order to lower the amount of those that are.

Please take this quiz. Whether or not you are anti Semitic, it will give you something to do. Hopefully, no one will turn out to be an anti Semite. If someone does, maybe this quiz will change them.

Created by: John
  1. Are the Jewish people are partially or fully culpable for killing Jesus?
  2. Israel has a right to exist, whether as part of a one or two state solution.
  3. Jews control too much of the financial industry.
  4. Jews are more loyal to other Jews than the nation they live in.
  5. The Jewish people were the primary targets of the Nazi genocide.
  6. Jews have too much political influence in the United States.
  7. Jews are no different than any other group of people.
  8. The fact that Jews circumcise their male infants is abhorrent.
  9. Jews have horns that they are able to hide.
  10. Jews made up the Holocaust to convince Europeans and Americans to create Israel

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Quiz topic: Am I an anti Semite?