Are you an animal person?

There are many animal lovers in world, but there are only a few true animal people in the world. Who knows? you could very well be one. But you can only find out if you take the Quiz!

Are you an animal person? Do you really care for the other animals in the world? I hope you were wondering, 'cause now you can find out by taking this quiz.

Created by: lola lofnagal

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  1. What is ur favorite animal?
  2. if you have a pet or you want to get one what would you have??
  3. Are you a Veggitarian?
  4. if a bear attacks you what do you do??
  5. your in the jungle looking for animals. wich one are certain to find?
  6. when a pet dies what dod you do with the body??
  7. If you see a stange animal that no one has ever seen before, you....
  8. If you see a stange animal that no one has ever seen before, you....
  9. if you see a stray dog you...
  10. Your dog just had puppies. you...
  11. you see someone abusing a cat so you...

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Quiz topic: Am I an animal person?