Are You An Animal Lover?

Do you like animals and are not sure if you love em or if there not for you? Some wonder some don't. I know i am an animal lover. You should find out....NOW!

Do you love animals? Do you like em? Or are they not you? Well let the expert tell you! Take this quiz and see! 12 simple questions and your set! Bonus: It tells you what you should get!

Created by: Lily

  1. If you got a dog what would you name it?
  2. If you find a lost dog what do you do?
  3. Do you like fishing?
  4. How many stuffed animals do you have/had?
  5. How many four-legged animals do you own?
  6. How many of your friend own animals?
  7. How often do you see them?
  8. Have you taken the how coolio are you quiz?
  9. where do you live?
  10. do you like the song love song by sara bareilles?

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Quiz topic: Am I An Animal Lover?