are you an animal jam fanatic

Hi I am moonchild456. I have one other quiz as of 12/3/14. Anyway, are YOU a animal jam fanatic? I love animal jam so I decided to make a quiz on it.

How well do YOU know animal jam? By the way my username is trueblue3962 if you want to add me. I wonder how well you will do. Don't forget to rate and comment!!!!!

Created by: moonchild456

  1. What are rare plushies?
  2. What is the code to get one diamond
  3. What of these animals can only members get
  4. How many friends can you have on animal jam
  5. What day can you buy rares on
  6. What flying animal can members get
  7. What does the journey book give You after completing the coral canyons
  8. Where is the flag store
  9. How can you get a pet kangaroo
  10. Where can you find animal jam codes for gems

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Quiz topic: Am I an animal jam fanatic