Are you an Angel or Demon?

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So this is my second quiz. If you haven't played the first one please do. It's called Which FNAF Character/Afton are you? You can find it under Newest Quizzes.

This Quiz is to figure out which spirit animal you are. Also I don't understand the logistics of the questions. If someone who knows how to make the quizzes. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Created by: Willowtailkit
  1. What is your Element?
  2. Are you depressed?
  3. What is your Zodiac?
  4. What is your Zodiac (continued)
  5. Do you like death and pain?
  6. I'm making this because I messed it up so you only get two options.
  7. Day or Night?
  8. I'm going to work on a "What is your Spirit Animal". It's legit spiritual or magical animals soo....
  9. When making a quiz what do you use?
  10. I'm Done With LIFE!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I an Angel or Demon?