Are you an 80's child?

How much of an 80's child are you? The music from the 80's was infectious, and could not be cured with ointment. take this quiz and see how much you remember.

Were you awake during the 80's? Maybe you had a child who blasted their radio too loud, or had a parent with Aqua net hair. Either way, here are a few names and tunes that will raise an eyebrow and bring back memories.

Created by: Ethan
  1. Celine Dion's "I Drove All Night" was originally performed in the 80's by what singer, and on what album did it appear?
  2. Which song was NOT a single from Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love" album.
  3. Which of these Laura Branigan albums did NOT spawn a Top 40 single on Billboard magazine's Hot 100 chart?
  4. Which artist was NOT known for dipping into the Stock Aiken Waterman producing pot?
  5. Which of these Kylie Minogue hits charted in the 1980's?
  6. Five of these Stevie Nicks songs are paired with an incorrect album. Identify the song that is next to the album from which it originally came.
  7. Finish the Pointer Sisters lyric.... "Baby make your move / Step across the line / Touch me one more time / (_______________)
  8. Who is the only artist ever legally allowed to sample "Into The Groove" by Madonna.
  9. Which of the following groups had a female lead singer?
  10. Which song in this list REMARKABLY did NOT reach number one on the Billboard magazine Hot 100 chart?

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Quiz topic: Am I an 80's child?